What REBEL! wants to do



REBEL! wants to show that making the world more beautiful isn't difficult at all.

And that it isn't an impossible idealistic expression.


Being kind to one another, nature, animals and the earth can be done in só many different ways.

Together, with eachother, for one another.

For the present and the future.









REBEL! wants to challenge you to live more consciously.


Smile at the lonely old neighbour who lives just a few houses away.

By doing that you could make her day.


Don't immediately say yes just by looking at a photo of that cute little puppy.

But think of the animals in shelters. Put aside like they are waste. #adoptdontshop

They yearn to be loved, get attention and most of all; to get second chance!


While shopping don't just look at the price tag.

But think, for example, why that  product can be that cheap.

It often has a background of child labor or it has lived and is made in appaling conditions. 



REBEL! can't make the world more beautiful on her one.

That's why there is a circle in its logo.

The circle represents the Earth but also it's represents connecting.

Everything is connected to everything.


The articles in the webshop are all carefully chosen.

Every product has a good story and is a fair product.

It is all made with respect for people, animals, nature and the environment.


REBEL! supports differents charities selling these products.

This way everybody is happy and that makes the circle complete!