Who is REBEL!



It's been said to me so many times, I lost count.

When I was a child some things where just very normal to me.

Helping little hedgehogs to cross the street because their mother must be impatiently waiting for them on the other side.

Feeding that lonely duck in the ice hole in the pond several times a day.

Making very long garlands of peanuts for the birds.

In puberty I looked a bit futher than the area where I grew up.

I provoked my parents by saying, very determined, that I wanted to float around a whaler in one of those quick rubber boats.

And after I saw on their startled faces, they weren't so very happy to hear that... I said ;

Okay, well I will go to Den Haag then and let me be chained to the fence of the Binnenhof.

That's where the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and the headquarters of all the ministries are.

So when doing that, I would be seen and I could show my discontent about serveral things.


I got and i get só rebellious when seeing injustice, in any form whatsoever.

Whether it's about nature, the environment, people or animals.




This quote says it all...Be a voice, don't choose the easiest way, stand up for what you believe!

Be kind to eachother, the world and all living creatures on it!


I can't save the whole world? No, not alone.

REBEL! with a mission...wants to contribute to a more beautiful world together with you.

That's my mission. My goal. That's what I want to achieve.

Will you join me?

We will get só happy making positive changes together!


Love, Silvia Tichem